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    Wopsun (Beijing) Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. , a high-tech company, forms Wopsun Group together with Wopsun (Beijing) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Wopsun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Wopsun Vegetable and Fruit Production Base (Company) Group, UAE Wopsun Middle East and North Africa Headquarters.

    Wopsun is committed to the integration of fruit and vegetable industry chain. Through mode innovation and technological innovation, relying on localized modern agricultural planting technology and industrialized operation, it integrates large-scale planting, standardized production, commercialized treatment, brand marketing and industrialized operation to realize standardized production planting, standardized warehousing logistics and standardized marketing services.

    In terms of vegetable and fruit production, Wopsun relies on scientific technology in order to make strides in industrial agriculture, modern production management, and scientific horticulture, providing perfect planting technology scheme and service platform for its own planting base, specialized vegetable production enterprises, organizations and farmers.

    In terms of supply, Wopsun provides a complete product-supply chain from the picking and sorting of vegetables to commercial processing, fresh storage, all the way through green logistics.

    In terms of sales, Wopsun has a professional established, multi-dimensional stereoscopic, network sales channel, covering aviation food supply, high-speed rail food supply, supermarket direct supply, community direct supply, e-commerce supply and so on.

    As a national high-tech enterprise (GR201811003190), Wopsun pursues the principle of science and technology. In order to meet the demand of agricultural production and market, Wopsun independently innovated the software and hardware technology, product and service system for fruit and vegetable industrialization. Based on a deep understanding of agricultural production and rich practical experience, Wopsun relies on the "results-oriented" R&D team to deeply integrate modern planting technology, information technology and equipment manufacturing technology. At present, Wopsun has obtained more than 40 invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright, covering software and hardware of intelligent fertigation management, soilless cultivation, environmental management and control, planting management system and other aspects, and established its own leading position in the industry.

    The distribution of fruit and vegetable industry of Wopsun is based on the climatic conditions, effective light radiation, water source conditions, soil types, topography, transportation logistics, consumer market, policy and other factors. More specifically, Wopsun’s production base has focused on implementing economic industrial performance and product quality into agricultural system, as well as integrating site selection, planning and design, construction, operation, and management protocols. At present, Wopsun has laid out several industrial parks over 1000 mu or pastoral complexes based on fruit and vegetable industry in Mongolia, Sichuan, Tibet and Xinjiang, which are located at the dominant fruit and vegetable producing districts in China, and one vegetable and fruit production base in the UAE. These industrial bases, from the source of planting to the sales terminal, are based on modern agricultural planting technology, so as to achieve full supervision and safety traceability. At the same time, according to market demand, adjust regional structure, industrial structure and variety structure, improve supply efficiency in different seasons and regions, shape fruit and vegetable commercial brand, and enhance the value of the whole industry chain.

    Wopsun is also actively engaged in the technical promotion and service of fruit and vegetable industry. Up to now, Wopsun has provided planning and design, construction, transformation of fruit and vegetable production facilities, upgrade of planting system, fertigation project, environmental control, agricultural informatization and other services in nearly 20 provinces of China, as well as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

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